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Mayo Community TV to cease transmitting

Mayo deflector TV service to close after 30 years

Edwin McGreal

The service which provided UK TV channels to people in Mayo for over 30 years is due to close.
Mayo Community TV Ltd yesterday informed users of the deflector system which transmits BBC 1 and 2, UTV and Channel 4 that they will cease transmission from May 1 next.
The service provided these channels for a small fee and its provision was the first way most homes in Mayo were able to view the English terrestrial channels.
In their statement, Mayo Community TV Ltd said that financial pressures were a significant reason for the decision.
“We wish to thank sincerely all who supported the service down the years and especially the minority who remained loyal to the end. At present, for many reasons, only a small and dwindling number of people have continued to support the system which has been losing money for the past couple of years. We are not in a position to continue carrying these losses so there is no option left but to terminate the service.
“Subscriptions for the calendar year 2010 were collected last year from the people who remained loyal to the service. Subscriptions for 2011 are due now, but will not be collected, since the system is closing down,” said the statement.
Mayo Community TV Ltd added that it was inevitable that the end was coming for their service.
“We regret the inconvenience this will cause but, after over 30 years providing the multi-channel service, technology has moved on and we must move with it. Ours is an analogue service and would have to cease in the Autumn in any case, when all analogue services in Europe must close and digital transmissions will take over.
“We express our grateful appreciation to all the people who made this service possible for so many years at a voluntary and professional level, the landowners where our transmitters operate, and all the many supporters who campaigned for its retention when we were threatened with closure. We hope that we have served you all well.”