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Killala girl becomes internet sensation

Killala girl becomes internet sensation

Ciara Galvin

“WHERE’S the nearest Supermacs?” and “Here, we’ve to go into town the back way because I’ve no tax” are just some of the typical phrases Irish girls say.
Or to give them their official title, ‘Shite Irish Girls Say’. We are referring of course, to the YouTube phenomenon that has racked up over half a million views for Claire Cullen from Killala in just a matter of weeks.
The 23-year-old has received plenty of media attenntion after her video parody of typical terms of phrase from ‘cailins’ around the country became an overnight success.
So, how did the idea come about for the former student from Lacken Cross?
“I had been looking on YouTube quite a bit and noticed a lack of Irish ‘youtubers’,” the Journalism and Irish graduate from DIT told The Mayo News.
“After viewing some videos I thought about what would make me stand out from  the crowd, and decided that the fact I was an Irish girl was my niche.
“I knew that when making a video, time was of the essence, so I enlisted the help of a few friends on the Thursday and asked them to think of universal everyday things that girls say.
”We shot it in a couple of hours on the Saturday and I spent all day Sunday editing it. I uploaded it on to YouTube late Sunday night, keeping it private for one hour just to test the waters. The reaction was good so I made it public.”
Claire also explained how she has achieved one of her ‘Bucket List’ dreams, with her username and the name of the video trending on Twitter the next day.
“I just couldn’t believe it, so much so that I took a screen shot of the email informing me of the feat.”
“Everyone has taken it in good spirit, as a people we do self-deprecation well”. she added.
Feedback has been flooding in thick and fast in recent weeks, but the budding media mogul has one favourite comment; a compliment from a non-Irish student who said the video was so accurate he was thinking of showing it to his Irish Culture class.
“Everyone back in Killala is delighted with the video’s success,” admitted Claire. “I was in the local pub recently and they put the video up on the pub’s touch screen till for everyone to watch. More people identified with the video than didn’t.”
However, despite the acclaim, this talented Mayo native has her feet firmly on the ground, noting that the success of YouTube videos tends to be short-lived.
“The attention has been great and I’m enjoying it while I can but I do realise the shelf-life of it will be short.” she explained.Clisare (her Twitter and YouTube name), is now looking to the future. “I’m looking into a career in media but nothing has come from the video’s coverage, but fingers crossed.”.
The future is definitely bright for the inventive social media starlet, with Ian Dempsey of Today FM fame appealing for someone to hire Claire live on air recently. Our advice? Watch this space!