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Smoking banned outside Mayo General Hospital

Mayo General Hospital

Mayo General Hospital to be smoke free in 2012

Trevor Quinn

AS part of Mayo General Hospital’s commitment to become a smoke-free campus in 2012, smoking is no longer permitted at the hospital entrance or the emergency department entrance  from yesterday, Monday, January 9.
These new locations will be marked with a blue line and there will also be signs in place to remind visitors and patients that smoking is not permitted. This is part of the HSE plan to implement a Tobacco Free Campus Policy in all HSE settings by the end of 2015.
As the national body responsible for health promotion, health protection and prevention of illnesses and disease, the HSE has adopted the Tobacco Control Framework and subsequently put these measures in place.
The HSE have said that Ireland led the world in implementing the smoke-free workplace legislation, and now the next logical step is having a smoke-free health service. Lung cancer is the highest cause of cancer-related death in Ireland, and every year 1,600 people die in Ireland from lung cancer.
Charlie Meehan, general manager, Mayo General Hospital, said last week that the hospital set up a working group to implement the smoke-free campus.
“The group has consulted with staff and patient groups on how the move to a smoke-free campus will be managed. We will continue to provide patients with advice and information and to support efforts to quit smoking. Staff also will be encouraged to quit smoking or manage their smoking during working hours.
Mr Meehan added that hospitals and health systems, both nationally and internationally, are working to encourage patients to adopt healthier tobacco-free lifestyles in order to decrease the incidence of smoking-related disease.
“Providing a smoke-free environment sends a clear message that this hospital is committed to protecting and promoting the health of our patients, staff and all who visit Mayo General Hospital,” concluded Mr Meehan.