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Achill-henge builder jailed

joe mcnamara
Joe McNamara

Achill-henge builder jailed

Edwin McGreal

Achill man Joe McNamara, the man behind the mysterious Achill-henge project, has been jailed for three days for contempt of court at today’s (Friday) sitting of the High Court in Dublin.
McNamara, dubbed The Anglo Avenger after previous protests against Anglo Irish Bank, build a Stonehenge-esque structure on a hilltop in Pollagh, Achill, last weekend.
The story, which was broken exclusively in The Mayo News, has attracted national and international attention. McNamara appeared before the High Court last Monday where he gave an undertaking to cease work on the project, which had no planning permission.
However at today’s High Court he was jailed for continuing with the building of the structure on Sunday after being served with an injunction by a Mayo County Council official to cease work on Sunday morning.
Reportedly over six months in planning, the structure towers four and a half metres from its base, is 30 metres in diameter and has a circumference of close to 100 metres. Speculation is still rife about the purpose of the project.
Mr McNamara said outside the court in Dublin today that it was a ‘place for reflection’ but wouldn’t elaborate further. There is a widespread belief that the structure will take some form of political protest.
Those close to McNamara say the project only cost a five figure sum due to the fact that many people worked for free on it and because of McNamara’s expertise in the area. They claimed that such a project would cost over €1m if it was built by government or a local authority.
The matter is due to appear before the High Court again on Wednesday. Nothing has been revealed in court yet in terms of whether the structure will be demolished or left standing.

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