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East Mayo priests’ homes targeted by thieves

Gardai investigate Kiltimagh and Carracastle break-ins

Michael Commins

GARDAI in Kiltimagh are investigating a break-in at the Presbytery in the town. It is understood that the culprits entered the home of Fr Paddy Kilcoyne, PP, between 4pm and 7.30pm after kicking in the back door last Tuesday evening.
A sum of parish money was taken from the safe and documents were left scattered around the room. A number of documents relating to the Kiltimagh break-in were found in the Mayo Abbey area the following day.
The home of Fr Michael Quinn was also entered in Carracastle two days earlier. On this occasion, the front door was broken. The safe was found outside the house but it is understood that the thieves were unable to open it.
“It is a terrible reflection on the current state of things in rural Ireland that such things are happening on such a regular basis now. There is nothing sacred with them anymore. When people had very little in times gone by, they never ever resorted to this kind of activity. We hope the perpetrators will be caught and brought to justice,” said a Kiltimagh resident yesterday (Monday).

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