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Rural dwellers face ‘hidden charges’ for septic-tank inspections

Rural dwellers facing ‘stealth tax’ for septic tank inspections

Anton McNulty

Householders with a faulty septic tank could face having to fork out up to €10,000 to get the problem resolved after legislation regarding septic charges were revealed.
All households with a septic tank will have to pay a €50 registration fee and it is speculated that registration will take place every five years. While the first inspection fee is free, any subsequent inspection will incur a charge of €200 and any appeal against an inspector’s decision will cost a further €200.
The charge has been described as a tax on rural dwellers who will have to pay for the safe disposal of household effluent while local authorities will pay for householders in towns and in areas with a sewerage scheme.
The government were accused by Fianna Fáil of introducing stealth fees and that the new bill will impose multiple hidden charges on householders. Achill councillor Micheál McNamara told The Mayo News that his phone has been ‘buzzing’ with concerned householders who are worried about the extra costs involved is they have to carry out improvement works on their septic tanks.
“If you need a septic tank you need to have planning permission and that involves an extra fee. If your tank needs upgrading there could be planning implications in the future. If you have to get a replacement septic tank it could cost a minimum of €5,000 and upwards.”

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