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Positive future for SMEs – Taoiseach tells seminar

Future is positive for SMEs  – Taoiseach tells Westport seminar

Áine Ryan

BY 2016, Ireland will be the best small country in Europe in which to do business. That is what Taoiseach, Enda Kenny told those who attended the ‘SMEs Doing Business in Europe’ seminar, held in Knockranny House Hotel, Westport, recently.
Addressing the conference also, Minister for Small Business, John Perry urged the public to become actively supportive of the government’s recovery plan. 
Organised by the European Information Parliament Office in Ireland, in conjunction with Network Mayo, the seminar explored exportation avenues open to west of Ireland SMEs.
Small business owners from around the country spoke of the importance of devising a vision for products and also emphasized the fact that help is available for those starting out or developing their business for export.  
“It is clear that the driving forces of business in Ireland have changed dramatically – quite possibly as a result of the recession – entrepreneurs and businesspeople are looking for better, more positive ways to add to the economy and society in general,” said Una Murphy, National Lobbying and Funding Officer [Network Ireland].
Olwen Dawe, President of Network Mayo and Francis Jacobs, Head of the European Parliament Information Office in Ireland, both referred to the need for awareness of availability of export advice and supports, amongst the SME community.   Seminars such as this one provided an opportunity for SMEs to glean some much-needed insight from colleagues, as well as expert information, they said.
Chairing the seminar, Marian Harkin, MEP, spoke about the need for positive steps in redeveloping confidence in our country at home and abroad. She also observed that an event such as this seminar helped to contextualise all that is possible for small businesses in Europe.