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Public ignoring winter-vomiting-bug warnings

Public ignoring hospital winter vomiting bug warnings

Anton McNulty

The public are ignoring measures to stop the spread of the winter vomiting bug Mayo General Hospital, according to the HSE.
The health of patients in Mayo General Hospital is being put at risk by the public arriving ‘in their hordes’ to the hospital despite warnings to stay away due to the outbreak of the winter vomiting bug.
The authorities of Mayo General Hospital (MGH) introduced visiting restrictions following an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug or Norovirus in three of the wards. So far there have been 20 patients affected and on Friday a revised plea was issued to the public not to visitor the hospital at all but the warning was being ignored by the public over the weekend.
“We asked people to stay away until the situation improves but so far we are being completely ignored,” a HSE spokesperson told The Mayo News. “The public have been coming in their hordes since the restrictions were introduced and they are bringing it [Norovirus] with them.
“The problem is people come to visit one person and then they go to visit another person in a different part of the hospital. They are going from A to B to C and they are bringing the virus with them,” the spokesperson warned.
The winter vomiting bug was suspected to be in three wards in the hospital.