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Councillors call for higher speed limits

Councillor call for higher speed limits

Anton McNulty and Edwin McGreal

Using speed cameras on the Bangor to Belmullet road is like ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ according to a local councillor, who has called for the speed limit to be increased.
The current speed limit on the road is 80km/h, and Go Safe speed cameras occasionally operate there. Although councillors have called for the speed limits on some regional roads to be increased, they have been told that the government was only looking at reducing speed limits.
Cllr Gerry Coyle told last week’s meeting of the Belmullet Electoral Area Committee that there was not enough signs along the road to indicate that it was an 80km/h road, and he said visitors were getting fines every time they visit the area.
“I want lives to be saved, but anyone doing 82 or 83km/h should not be getting a speeding ticket,” Cllr Coyle said. “We should be attracting visitors to the area but when they find they leave with an €80 fine they will never return to Belmullet. It is the only major town in the county that is not served with a 100km/h road. A woman who wouldn’t know how to break the law told me she received a fine and was fully sure the limit was 100km/h.”
The national speed limits for regional road like the Bangor to Belmullet road is 80km/h while the speed limits for national roads are 100km/h. Councillors at the meeting pointed at the the Bangor to Belmullet road was a better road than the N59 between Mulranny to Bangor, which has a speed limit of 100km/h.