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Broadband down on Achill for over two weeks

Broadband down on Achill for over two weeks

Anton McNulty

Strong winds prevented broadband provider 3 from providing service to a large part of Achill for more than two weeks.
The lower part of Achill was unable to access its broadband service after the 3 telecommunications mast on Minaun Heights in Achill experienced technical problems and had to be replaced. However, the strong winds that lashed the coast over the past number of weeks prevented workers from climbing the mast to fix the problem.
A spokesperson for 3 told The Mayo News that the problem has now been rectified. The spokesperson explained that service went down on September 7, and that solving the problem required a rigger to climb the mast to change hardware. A rigger was on site since September 7, but was not able to climb the mast due to health and safety risks posed by the string winds.
“Last Thursday was the first day someone was able to get up the mast and the service should now be up and running for the customers,” the spokesperson said.
3 is the only broadband provider for the lower part of Achill. The service is provided under the National Broadband Scheme. Up to 200 homes and businesses were affected by the broadband outage.
One customer, Seán Molloy, told The Mayo News that he was very unhappy with the customer service provided by the company, and that this was not the first time the broadband service has collapsed.
“You ring up a call centre in India and they don’t know what is wrong and then you get put through to someone in Dublin who puts you on hold and then says hopefully it will be back by the end of the week. They can’t tell you what’s wrong and when the service might be back. This is affecting people’s business. I also know of a person who had to take time off work to go to Castlebar to tax his car, which he usually does online,” he said.
The 3 spokesperson said that the company could not inform people when the service would be back because it did not know when the weather conditions would improve and allow it to fix the problem.