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Botox approved for new medical use

Botox is good for Allergan

THE future of Westport’s flagship industry Allergan has been further solidified thanks to a decision by the Irish Medicines Board to expand the licensing of Botox.
Due to the new licensing terms, Botox, which is renowned for cosmetic surgery, may be used for the medical treatment of urinary incontinence in both MS sufferers and patients with spinal injuries. In a separate development, the product has also been licensed for the treatment of chronic migraine.
At present Allergan employs over 800 people at its plant in Westport, and this latest development is a welcome affirmation of the business’s healthy outlook in uncertain economic times.
Speaking to The Mayo News yesterday, Managing Director, Pat O’Donnell confirmed that as the demand for Botox continues to grow, employee numbers may rise.
“Allergan has not only invested in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities but it has also invested heavily in research and development which generates the scientific data to achieve these medical approvals,” Pat O’Donnell said.
“While we don’t envisage a large surge in employee numbers, this is very positive news for Allergan and for Westport. It is wonderful for Allergan and its employees that we can produce a product that enhances the lives of people with illnesses.”