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Burgers and chicken seized at agricultural show

Burgers and chicken seized at Agricultural Show

The HSE received a court order to destroy 16 boxes of burgers and a bag of breaded chicken which was seized from a delivery van which also contained a generator at this year’s Bonniconlon Agricultural Show.
The burgers and chicken was seized by Environmental Health Officers from the HSE after they suspected they were not fit for human consumption. The officers had described a catering trailor belonging to Chris McCaul of 44 Fort Haven. Coolaney, Co Sligo as ‘filthy’ when they inspected it at this year Bonniconlon Agricultural Show.
The show is the second largest Agricultural Show in Ireland which attracts thousands of people to the north Mayo village every year. A HSE inspector told last week’s sitting of Westport District Court that the generator powering the trailor was in the delivery van and she was concerned for the safety of the food.
She said that she found oil from the generator on the floor of the van and some of the boxes were damaged. She added that they were stored at 17 degree Celsius and she seized the food. She said Mr McCaul was co-operative but expressed irritation at the removal of the food.
Mr Patrick Durcan, solicitor for the HSE said they were making an application to dispose of the food which was in cold storage in Ballina. Judge Mary Devins granted the order.