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Fuel prices continue to rocket

Fuel prices continue to rocket

Fuel prices continue to rocket

Westport and Castlebar stations cheapest in survey

Edwin McGreal

The recession might be in full flow but one area where prices have certainly not come down is on fuel. The price of petrol and diesel has increased steadily in the county since The Mayo News conducted our first countywide survey exactly twelve months ago.
The average price of a litre of petrol in Mayo has risen by over 17 cents. Our 2010 survey showed an average price at forecourts in Mayo of €1.32 whilst our survey last week shows that average raised sizably to €1.49.1.
The price of diesel has risen even more sharply, over 18 cent the difference between the 2010 average of €1.23.6 and the 2011 comparison of €1.41.7.
Our survey, conducted last week, took in over fifty forecourts from Belmullet to Ballindine and from Killala to Louisburgh and there is a new entry as the cheapest service station in Mayo.
Texoil at Knappagh, outside Westport is one of only two stations selling petrol at the lowest rate in the county - €1.45.9 per litre - and it is out on its own in terms of diesel prices, retailing at €1.36.9 per litre.
Cosgrave’s Maxol on the Westport Road in Castlebar sells petrol at the same rate as Texoil at Knappagh but falls into second place by virtue of its diesel being one cent dearer. It is a clear second though, with petrol and diesel there both being cheaper than every other station surveyed.
Last year’s most competitive town - Ballindine - remains thus this year. Hennigan’s Topaz and McHugh’s Texaco in Ballindine were among the joint cheapest for petrol last year and tied for third on diesel prices. They aren’t on top this time around but remain quite competitive, tied for fourth in both petrol and diesel.
Most of the other petrol stations who featured in the top ten last year remain there. Esso on the N17 in Claremorris, Tesco in Claremorris, Maxol on Station Road in Castlebar and Tommy Robinson’s on Spencer Street in Castlebar all remain among the cheapest around but there are two noticeable fallers from the top.
Freeman Fuels in Kilkelly were the second cheapest for diesel and joint cheapest for petrol last year but they were one of many victims of the recession when they closed earlier this year.
More noticeable though is the fall from first place of Gallagher’s in Charlestown. At €1.28.9 a litre, they were among the six cheapest for petrol last year and at only €1.19.9, were the cheapest on their own per litre of diesel. But Gallagher’s have shot up in price by more than any other station in the county. Their petrol is now €1.49.9 a litre. Twenty three of the stations we surveyed are on that price, while 24 are cheaper than that.
Gallagher’s were the cheapest for diesel last year and are at the other extreme now, joint 45th out of 53. Charlestown was among the cheapest towns in the county too last year with Murphy’s on the Swinford Road and Cassidy’s on the Sligo Road not too far behind Gallagher’s. Now Charlestown is among the most expensive towns with Murphy’s and Cassidy’s both charging the same for petrol and diesel as Gallagher’s.
Other towns with relatively expensive fuel include Louisburgh, Mulranny, Achill and Ballinrobe. For the second year running the three stations in Ballinrobe all have identical prices for both petrol and diesel.
The most expensive spot last year was at the other extreme of the county - and remains so this year. Topaz on the approach road to Belmullet was €1.35.9 per litre of petrol last year, the most expensive on its own whilst it was joint most expensive for diesel with Erris Motors in Bangor Erris, at €1.27.9. This year the two Erris -based garages share the bottom of the pile. At €1.52.9 for petrol and €1.46.9 for diesel per litre, they are the most expensive spots in the county.
Texoil in Foxford have risen right towards the top of the pile in terms of cheap fuel. Last year they were 33rd in our survey but, while every service station has had prices rise over the intervening 12 months, Texoil in Foxford has risen by the least. They are joint third in 2012 for petrol at €1.46.9 and third on their own for diesel at €1.38.5. Twelve months previously they were €1.32.9 per litre of petrol and €1.22.9 per litre of diesel.

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