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Drivers should shop around for petrol and diesel - Kilcoyne

Drivers should shop around - Kilcoyne

Edwin McGreal

The Chairman of the Consumers’ Assocation of Ireland, Castlebar man Michael Kilcoyne, has encouraged drivers to shop around for the cheapest fuel in light of The Mayo News’ latest fuel survey.
With as much as 7c per litre of diesel of a difference between some stations in Westport and 6c of a difference between stations in Castlebar, Mr Kilcoyne argues it pays to look for the cheapest provider.
“What we always say is that people should shop around,” he told The Mayo News yesterday. “What they are doing by going to somewhere that charges high prices for their fuel is supporting those who charge more and the guy that charges high prices only has to sell half as much as the cheap provider to make the same profit margin.”
Mr Kilcoyne added that while people are generally more mindful of prices nowadays, differences in fuel prices often slip beneath the radar.
“There is an order that petrol prices and diesel prices must be shown in large size and it is to help people to shop around. What people do is they buy €20 or €50 and don’t pass much heed on what amount of fuel they are getting. If they fill by the litre - say get 50 litres - then they won’t be long knowing the price of fuel.
“The difference between some stores might be the difference in the two litres of milk that the bigger stores are trying to entice you in for. They charge more at the pump and trade off the convenience of the supermarket inside.
“People can be their own worst enemies though, they often say that their car is doing less mileage because €20 isn’t getting them as far when all that has happened is they are getting less fuel for that €20,” he concluded.

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