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FF grassroots against fielding token Presidential candidate

Fianna Fáil against fielding token Presidential candidate

Anton McNulty

The Fianna Fáil grass-roots in Mayo have ‘mixed’ feelings about whether to run a candidate in the Presidential elections, with former Dáil candidate Lisa Chambers saying she would not favour running a token candidate.
Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin recently appointed Lisa Chambers as the party’s Area Representative for Castlebar in an effort to reconnect the party with the grassroots. Speaking to The Mayo News Ms Chambers said the prospect of running a candidate in the Presidential election has been discussed at local cumman meetings, but there has been a mixed response.
She said that if the party was to run a candidate, that person would have to be right for the position and not just a token candidate.
“The general feeling is that if someone was to run as a candidate, they would have to be of good calibre and able to perform well – there is no point putting someone forward as a token candidate … and I would be of the same view,” Chambers said, adding: “It is not just a job, it is a calling.”
Bar Mary Robinson’s victory in 1990, Fianna Fáil has never lost a Presidential election that they contested. However, following the General Election defeat, many believe the party will not contest this election. There has been speculation in the media that it may even support broadcaster Gay Byrne should be seek a nomination.