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Lisa Chambers new ‘go-to person’ for FF grassroots

Chambers new ‘go-to person’ for FF grassroots

Anton McNulty

Former Fianna Fáil Dáil candidate Lisa Chambers (pictured) has been appointed as the party’s Area Representative for Castlebar.
Commenting on the position, Ms Chambers said her role will be that of a ‘go-to person’, a conduit between the ordinary Fianna Fáiler and party headquarters. The move is seen as an effort to reconnect the party with the grassroots, and Chambers admitted that the party had lost contact with the rank and file members and that the party needed to be rebuilt.
“The party lost contact with the ordinary person in their home and Fianna Fáil and Micheál Martin said they want to rebuild the party and start afresh. We have to learn from our mistakes and that includes reconnecting and listening to the grassroots. Fianna Fáil is a massive organisation and it requires people on the ground and new people to come in. People are still eager to get involved but don’t know how and that is where I will be involved,” she said.
Speaking of the appointment, party leader Micheál Martin said that he has been travelling the country since last February and he feels there is a determination to rebuild the party.
“A key part of this strategy is the appointment of new, talented and hard working community people as area representatives in places where Fianna Fáil needs to be rebuilt.  In Lisa Chambers we have a person who meets all these requirements and is dedicated to representing and improving the quality of life of people in Castlebar.”