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Cemetery running out of space

Cemetery running out of space

Padraig Burns

AN undertaker has warned that unless Mayo County Council develop extra burial plots at Aughavale Cemetery near Westport as a matter of urgency, there will soon be no room for burials to take place at the historic graveyard.
There are just four double plots available for burials in the graveyard and unless the adjoining piece of land is developed and made accessible, there will soon be nowhere to bury the dead.
Tom Navin, an undertaker based in Westport, told The Mayo News that the area of land that the Council plan to use for burials is currently not accessible and no burials could take place there.
“If the four double plots that are available there are used within the next couple of weeks, there is nowhere else to use. The land that is set aside for the plots by the Council, which is on the right hand side of the entrance gate, has not been developed and even if the Council continue on the same side that is now being used, that area is not accessible either. There are no footpaths and it would be practically impossible to bury anyone there.
“My concern, and I’m sure all other undertakers think the same, is that if a number of people died within a short time span, we’d have a serious issue on our hands because we’d have nowhere to bury them. The Council have done a fantastic job in Aughavale and credit where it’s due but, now it’s time for them to start planning for the future,’’ he said.
Westport-based member of Mayo County Council, Cllr Margaret Adams, also raised the issue at a meeting of the Westport Electoral Area Committee of the local authority on Monday morning last. She said she understood the concerns of the undertakers and she called on the Council to carry out the work that would allow burials to continue to take place there. “My information is that there are only four double plots that can be accessed and when they’re used up there’s nowhere else left for burials. The extra plots must be developed by the Council in order to prevent what could be a very serious situation,’’ she said.