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Ciara Moynihan

Back in the ’80s there was a surge of frosty-eyed, cloud-surround photos on every 40-something’s wall – a gift from a doting partner who wanted to give the missus that Hollywood look. But along with leg warmers, donkey jackets and the ‘Five Star – The Greatest Hits’ album, they had their day and we moved on.
While we might not be thrilled about the re-emergence of ’80s-esque economic woes, much more welcome is the resurfacing of – you guessed it – the makeover. What better way to give our down-trodden egos a boost and our stressed souls some time out with a bit of frivolous fun?
J Meenan Photography Studios in Ballina is now offering a wonderful makeover package that will transform you (or someone you know) from head to toe – and snap the heart-stopping results for prosperity. The idea is simple – just arrange yourself an appointment and let the experts do the rest. 
Be transformed by a hairstylist from Allure hairdressing in Ballina, professional makeup artist Caroline Kilgallon and style-guru Catherine at Kalora Ladies’ Boutique – and enjoy a professional photo shoot with photographer Jay Meenan, all under the one roof of J Meenan Photography Studios. You can choose from two great-value packages – hair, makeup and photo shoot for €195, or hair, makeup, clothes (yours to keep) and photo shoot for €280.
Jay, the brains behind the project, believes that everyone has a model inside them just waiting for the chance to break through – even if just for an evening. (And he should know, he’s been photographing people for years!). So, hands up all those women who would do anything to be treated like a model and have there every need pandered too. Hands up all the lads who wouldn’t mind scoring a few brownie points over the Christmas holiday season and beyond… This makeover package is sure to make Christmas stockings sparkle this silly season.

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