INTERIOR DESIGN Remodelling to resell

Remodelling to resell

Remodelling to resell

Interior Design
Niamh Tuohy

SHALL I start with the good news or the bad news? Being the positive, optimistic, glass-half-full-gal that I am, I’ll start with the bad. We’re living on an island that, despite getting lighter due to mass emigration, seems destined to sink under the steel-capped boots of a number of developers, various pin-striped bankers and more than a few well-fed politicians (courtesy of Shanahans).
They have succeeded in rearing a kitten that became a cat which turned into a tiger who, without an ounce of shame, turned to bite us all in the backside.
And the good news? Well now, let’s see. Gerry Ryan is due to retire from, well everything, hopefully. Not sure when, but surely the day can’t be too far off.
But look, the point I’m trying to make is this. Even though it’s looking mighty bleak out there, things will improve. And when they do, it’s of vital importance that we’re ready for it. While you can’t give your house away at the moment, confidence, at some point, will start to creep back into the market and there are certain things that you can do to enhance your property in order to appeal to a wider audience. And here’s how.
Don’t make it personal. While you might absolutely love your chaise lounge in purple brocade with a gold trim, your potential purchaser may well be horrified. And while it’s clear that the house is for sale, not the sofa, it’s amazing the overall first impression that the interiors can make. Keep it simple. Clean lines with light colours will enhance your home.
Re-vamp your kitchen. It’s the heart of most homes and therefore should take the bulk of your renovation budget. Whether it’s a brief face-lift or a complete overhaul, it’s important to create an inviting space. Whole kitchens don’t necessarily have to be replaced, but installing a new granite countertop will most definitely improve the overall look. If you DO replace countertops, you must be prepared to replace tiling which will undoubtedly be damaged in the process. Doors can be re-painted and handles can be up-dated if money is tight.
Modernise your bathroom. This is another area that potential buyers will look at. Again they’ll want clean lines, with good quality fittings. If you have the space, (and the cash) think about increasing the size of your showering area. It will give an overall sense of luxury that will attract most viewers. And depending on the market you’re aiming at, it’s always good sense to install a bath if you have the room. If there’s no bath present, you’re automatically closing yourself off from a potential sale to a family with small children.
Storage space is vital – the more, the better. Take your time when installing storage as when it comes to small spaces, you need to be extra clever in how you do it.
And lastly, keep furniture to a minimum. In preparation for a sale, try to eliminate some unnecessary items in order to open up the rooms and create the illusion of a larger living space.
All in all, it’s never a bad idea to undertake even a little renovation before you put your property on the market. While you may not claw back the full cost of expenses (unlike our former Ceann Comhairle), you will hopefully speed up the buying process, which in the long run, will definitely save you money.