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To binge, Oreo not to binge

Diary of a homebird
Ciara Galvin

I’D like to consider myself a professional when it comes to my work. When attending functions, I always put the best side out (throw on the war paint and equip myself with pen and paper).
Last week, with the war paint a little faded, and the pen and paper shoved in the overflowing mála, I hit for the launch of the Great Lakes Challenge Series.
A little fashionably late, I made it to the starting line (literally) and got to find out more about the series of five running events that will be held in south Mayo.
The reason I talk about professionalism is because, unknown to myself, during an interview with one of the event organisers, I ended up dropping the ‘F’ bomb, and I don’t mean ‘fiddlesticks’.
What could have drawn such a reaction from this softly spoken journalist? Well, being told that the first run of the series is probably the toughest, with not one, but two steep inclines, that’s what.
My training ahead of the first Great Lakes Challenge event, the Out of the Woods 8k in Tourmakeady on February 21, hasn’t been going too well.
Over the past month, which has been full of late-night rehearsals for Ballinrobe Musical Society’s show ‘All Shook Up’, I’ve been finding myself favouring the duvet over the gym gear when my alarm sounds.
As you read, this I will be in the throws of ‘show week’. I fear the ‘Paleo way of life’ could be by now be replaced with unhealthy snacks and pub grub, not to mention the ‘odd’ tipple here and there. I’m hoping that all this dancing around on stage may equate to running a couple of kilometres each night … maybe?
On second thoughts, I may have to be rolled around the picturesque 8k route if I keep binging on my kryptonite (Dairy Milk Oreo bars). I blame fitness guru Pat Divilly for turning me into a walking, talking Cookie Monster.
Just last week, after doing the healthy weekly shop, which did include the aforementioned cocoa product, I was stuck in traffic. And, like an addict in one of those nicotine-replacement-therapy ads, I felt the compulsion to ‘light up’ (rip open the purple wrapper). Because nobody has invented a spray, patch or ‘vaping machine’ for the addictive bar, there I was, stuck behind a lorry on New Street in Ballinrobe, scoffing the chocolatey goodness.
To make matters worse, the binge continued while I cooked my healthy paleo friendly curry. Instead of those chic characters in the movies that sip on a nice glass of Pinot Noir while they rustle something up in the kitchen, I demolished nearly a full bar (it was one of the big ones) between chopping, cooking, simmering and roasting. I’m currently trying to kick the habit, or at least reduce the intake, and I’m attending weekly counselling sessions with my fellow addicts, namely my brother, his wife and my friend, Annette.
In order to avoid making the purchase, I’ve now resorted to taking up baking, the Paleo way of course. So my go-to recipe is now sweet-potato brownies. Yes, you heard me, sweet potato. Only problem is that because they’re known as a ‘clean cheat’ I think I can eat a whole baking tray of them!
Perhaps I should organise someone to have an Oreo bar at the finish line this Saturday in Tourmakeady, maybe that would get me over the line?

In her fortnightly Diary of a Home Bird column, Ciara Galvin reveals the trials and tribulations of a twenty-something year old still living with her parents.