TV Nationwide reports on mindfulness among Mayo children


Nationwide reports on mindfulness in Mayo

Staying in

The Nationwide crew filmed in Mayo recently, and the resulting report is showing on RTÉ 1 tomorrow evening (Wednesday).
At the centre of the report is work carried out by Mindfulness Matters, Fahy NS in Westport and the Mayo Education Centre demonstrating how mindfulness can be integrated into daily living at home and at school.
The work was inspired by Mindfulness Matters, created by Ann Caulfield and Derval Dunford, who support teachers, parents and children to learn simple techniques of mindfulness that help to bring calm and stability into busy lives. During a recent interview with Pat Kenny on Newstalk radio, Dunford described the mindfulness as “Awareness of the present moment, non-judgementally. Non-judgementally can be very difficult, so we like to call it awareness of the present moment, or awareness that arises with curiosity and acceptance.” Caulfield added that “We talk about creating space in the mind. It’s a little bit about noticing the present moment.”
Extensive research has shown that the practice of mindfulness can have a positive effect on physical and mental health, stress management, vitality, depression and quality of sleep. Children’s research indicates its value in relation to anxiety, concentration, confidence and social skills.
Through Mayo Education Centre’s Continuing Professional Development programme, online and face-to-face courses are offered for teacher self-care and ‘Developing Mindfulness and Happiness in Primary School Children’. Mindfulness Matters has also produced CDs for children, introducing them to mindfulness through awareness of the breath, thoughts, the body and emotions through visualisation, affirmation and breathing techniques.
For more information on these and on upcoming mindfulness courses for beginners and those who practice regularly, visit

Nationwide featuring mindfulness in Mayo airs on RTÉ 1 tomorrow evening, Wednesday, January 29, at 7pm.