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Tom Vaughan Lawlor stars as crime boss Nidge in Love/Hate.
UNMISSABLE?Tom Vaughan Lawlor stars as crime boss Nidge in Love/Hate.

The getaway driver

Diary of a homebird
Ciara Galvin

I wouldn’t say I’m a creature of habit, but once I get hooked on something, whether it’s a certain type of food or a TV programme, I tend to become a little obsessed. Currently granola and TV series box sets are my kryptonite.
The last number of weeks have seen me turn into a zombie thanks to the thrilling fifth season of American hit series ‘Breaking Bad’. Let me tell you, lying to yourself at 1am at night (“Just one more episode”) leads to bloodshot eyes the following morning.
With Walt and Jessie (the main protagonists) out of my life, I now spend my Sunday evenings with Nidge and the gang from ‘Love/Hate’.
For nearly a million people across the country, Sunday nights follow a similar pattern of settling down for the latest installment of the gritty drama depicting the realities of gangland Ireland.
Unlike the majority of the population, however, I seem to encounter some obstacles in attempting to watch an entire episode uninterrupted. Let’s just say my daughterly duties come first.
The fire on. The tae wet. It was 9.25pm on a Sunday night, and I was waiting for the second installment of Stuart Carolan’s masterpiece, when the female roomie pops her head into the sitting room: “Ciara, would you be able to drop us up town?”
I immediately jumped to my feet and grabbed my car keys, knowing I had a matter of minutes before the opening credits ran.
“In five minutes,” she added. I slumped back into my chair. Ggrrrrr, don’t they know the seriousness of the situation?
As the minutes ticked on I walked around the kitchen table doing everything short of taking out a length of Wavin pipe to get them out the front door. Eventually, I sat in the car hoping that a running engine would, well, make them run.
I drove with the foot down. The roomies knew I meant business. Turning a corner on to Main Street in Ballinrobe, the male roomie even took off his seatbelt in anticipation of a hurried drop-off.
I (half) jokingly told them to prepare to jump out of the car as I would only be slowing down and not stopping outside the local public house, Inch’s.
Both roomies were wearing hats to keep out the autumn chill, and a vision of them pulling the headgear down over their faces and committing a Love/Hate style raid of their local pub flashed before my eyes.
On pulling up outside their destination, driven by giddiness and anticipation, I was now in full character as the leader of a criminal operation: “Go go go go go,” I shouted.
A wave goodbye, and my henchmen entered the bar. Still without the joys of Sky plus, I did miss the first ten minutes of the episode. But at least I got to act out my own version.
And before you all get the wrong idea, no, the roomies have not taken to a life of crime to keep busy in their retirement. Unless robbing me of some downtime with Nidge, Fran and Tommy can be prosecuted in a court of law?

In her fortnightly Diary of a Home Bird column, Ciara Galvin reveals the trials and tribulations of a twenty-something year old still living with her parents.