Louisburgh lures a crowd


ENJOYING THE SHOW Maggie Gibbons (left) with Maura Kilcoyne, winner of the Louisburgh Horse Show Best Dressed Lady Competition.

Fashion, foals and fun to the fore at Lousburgh Horse Show

Maggie Gibbons

The Louisburgh Horse Show, on the go since 1968, takes place beside the stunning beach at Carramore, just outside the town. It’s a brilliant attraction every summer, made all the better when the sun shines.
It’s a horse lovers paradise, with lots of showjumping events and horse showing. These events go on all day, from around 11am until late evening. There’s also a very popular dog show, and that too brings people from all over the country, some to compete, others just to watch.
When I went along last Sunday week just after noon, the hat I was wearing (metaphorically) was that of judge for the Best Dressed Lady on the day. The place was buzzing, kids were getting faces painted, jumping up and down on fabulous contraptions, bouncy castles and being generally entertained. Such fun! This was a real family day out. Someone had brought along about six vintage cars, and what a point of interest these proved to be. They weren’t locked, and I saw loads of kids sitting in them, with proud parents taking photos.
There were food stalls everywhere. The Louisburgh men’s shed were up to their eyes serving teas, coffees, and all manner of goodies. Outside there was hot food, burgers, sausages, chips etc. It felt like one massive barbeque. The sun shone and it was hot, though that glorious sea breeze was ever present.
Everyone seemed to be in brilliant form, the fact that it was the first major public event since lockdown only added to the excitement. You could plonk yourself down anywhere and just chat away with whoever happened to be beside you. That’s Louisburgh for you; it would never happen in Dublin!
I wandered around at my leisure absorbing the atmosphere. However, I was here to do a job and it was time to start. I love colour and it was there in spades on the day. There were fabulous dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and bags on display. Now, how to choose....
Bright colours tend to show confidence, so if you’re a fan of these you’re already half way there. Don’t go too far outside your comfort zone though, just wear the best version of your favourite style. It’s all about individuality really.
Complete the outfit with some piece of headwear. This is a great way to co ordinate the outfit, better still, match hat with a piece of jewellery.
While I was doing my rounds I saw some stunning outfits, a few in particular were very striking, and I wished I could have chosen three or four, but the job spec demanded one winner, and so be it.
The winner on the day looked amazing in a beautifully co ordinated outfit. Maura Kilcoyne, who captured the title, wore black and white trousers, white jacket, black cami. This was topped off with an orange trilby and an orange and black neckpiece. She could have entered the Dublin Horseshow or Galway Races and I honestly feel she’d still win. She just had the complete look. Well done Maura you’ve raised the style bar in Louisburgh!
Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.