How is spring-summer style shaping up?


ULTRA FEMININE Bright colours and ultra feminine looks are returning to the runways.

How is spring-summer style shaping up?  

Maggie Gibbons

Wouldn’t you know it, just when we’ve adapted to the tracksuit and lounge wear, the fashion landscape changes! The style for spring/summer 2022 is ultra feminine – a huge change from the androgynous styles of previous seasons. Lots of dresses, cardigans, lace leggings, and pleated skirts.
Indeed, the pleated skirt has proved to be a real favourite over the last few years, as it suits a lot of body shapes. It also comes in flattering lengths, unlike the micro mini, which is now making a massive comeback. It will be reminiscent of the 60s in so many ways, thigh high! When it comes to your choices, it’s worth knowing your leanings. Fashion really is a form of self-expression, are you a follower of trends, or do you prefer to play it safe? What you wear has the ability to make you feel great or just ok. Which would you prefer?
And ask yourself if you could seek a sustainable option. This used to mean the expensive option, but not anymore. Fast fashion may well become a thing of the past in coming years with discerning shoppers going for the ethical choice.

High rise may also be a thing of the past this year as the low-slung waist seemed to dominate all the catwalks. Just when we were loving our high-waist jeans!
The suit is back. Naturally this return coincides nicely with a return to work. Look out for lots of white.
I’ve been seeing a lot of cable knits around, from hats and scarves, to cardigans and skirts. Time to get the needles out? Wouldn’t it have made a great lockdown project.
Bags will be oversized, I’m talking kitchen sink big! (Great, until you’re frantically rooting around in it to find your phone.) There will be lots of oversizing, elsewhere too, especially in T-shirts and jumpers.
Watch for fringing on everything. This was a massive trend some years ago. It disappeared without trace but it has now been resurrected.

Isn’t it fantastic to be free to go shopping confidently again? God knows we were locked up for long enough. Style, for most of us became non existent; it was merely a case of throwing something on for a walk. I even took to wearing a little woolly hat, mind you I’d probably never have worn one except my lovely friend Margo made one for me. After that I couldn’t go for my walk without it. Vive la libération!
There are lots of vibrant colours this season, to reflect the hopefulness of the times we’re in.

Bright and sunshiny, this is not for the fainthearted. I’m talking buttercup bright here. It’s such a happy colour. Even if you wouldn’t be happy wearing it head to toe, at least get an accessory, like a scarf or a necklace. Lemon and daffodil will also be huge.

Baby pink and Coral pink will add refreshment to the feminine shapes this summer.

Electric blue, the colour that always reminds me of Lady Di, works all year round, and is a very flattering colour on the cool coloured lady.

Green remains a favourite, it was extremely popular last summer, I’m glad it stayed for another year. This year its pale and soft

Purple, violet and lavender are marmite colours to me; you either love or hate them. I think they have a tendency to make the wearer look ‘wishy washy’. If they suit you they can look amazing.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at