What’s hot this winter?


MINI ME Minis, faux fur and thigh-high boots are all bang on trend.

Wardrobe wonders for this autum/winter fashion season

Maggie Gibbons

Where has this year gone? Suddenly it’s winter, and we’re warming up, getting into the woollies, tights and boots. There’s something so cozy about a nice bit of knitwear. You will be spoiled for choice at the amount of knits on sale this year. The catwalks were full of them. There were some other lovely trends on the autumn/winter runways too – and, for a change, appeared to be actually wearable!  There is also a huge focus on more sustainable clothing, surely a good thing.
Will fast fashion become a thing of the past? We won’t solve that problem today, but no harm at all to become more aware. Are you reentering the social scene for the first time this winter, and looking for some new clothes for your wardrobe? Well, here are the winter fashion trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere.

Mini dress/skirt
Time to put away the ankle grazers and go high. Wear with thigh-high boots and fluffy jumper. To think your granny wore the mini skirt in the ’60s – now there’s something to ponder on. Did anyone ever think this trend would go on… and on….

Leather jacket
Apparently no wardrobe is complete without one this year – faux or real, depending on your outlook. They really add an edge to outfits.
If you’re spending a fair bit of money on one, it’s better to avoid anything too trendy.
This really can become an investment piece.

This is the year of the big cozy jumper and knitted pants. Everything knitwear! From cashmere to organic cotton, you will find styles and shapes for every occasion. I thought I was seeing things the other day when I spotted a knee length cable knit cardigan, almost identical to one my mother knitted for me in the ’70s. Why didn’t I hold unto it! Sadly I didn’t.

The poncho is also here to stay. They have to be the best cover-up ever, and a fabulous transition piece on a mild day.

Faux fur
Wear teddy, leopard, giraffe or shaggy and you’re on trend, as well as being as warm as toast.

The shacket
Neither a shirt nor a jacket, this a hybrid, and a wonderful combo at that. Wear it open or closed over trousers, dresses and skirts.

Regarding colour, it’s brights all the way! Watch out for plenty of bright orange, emerald green, pink and bright yellow. There’s also lots of blue, particularly pale and sky. Brown made a reappearance this year on the catwalks, but it’s not a great colour on everyone unfortunately.

Please yourself
I always advocate dressing to please yourself rather than slavishly following trends, yet it’s hard to avoid the influences of the fashion magazines and television. This year, above all years why don’t you just suit yourself and wear whatever you want?
How many times have we looked at something in the wardrobe and thought ‘not today’? Well the last (almost) two years have shown us that there are no certainties anymore. You have today, so eat the cake, wear the dress and enjoy it. Put on something that you normally only wear for ‘good’ wear. Thank the stars you’re alive and well. Make the most of it.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.