Cosmetic tricks for ageing skin


AGE-OLD SECRETS  You won’t remove wrinkles with any cream or cosmetic, but you can disguise them.


Maggie Gibbons

Did you know the first visible signs of ageing begins in our 30s? Fine lines, wrinkles and possibly lip lines make their appearance during these years. In our 40s and 50s the most noticeable changes happen. From then on the lines become more etched into the face due to constant muscle use. For those who want to camouflage annoying flaws, there is a battalion of modern technology and constantly improving cosmetics to choose from.
I’m constantly saying, and I’ll say it again, you won’t remove a wrinkle with any cream or cosmetic, no matter what the marketing blurb tells you. God knows, in the name of research I’ve tried most of them! However, you can disguise the appearance of lines and wrinkles quite easily.
So what are the most annoying signs of ageing? And what camouflages would I turn to?

Dull skin
Skin starts to lack radiance and look lacklustre. Dry skin appears dull. With our climate in the west we’re especially prone to dry, parched skin because of the wind and rain. Make sure to keep skin well moisturised. In fact, during winter months using facial oil is a good habit.
If you like to wash your face use lukewarm water. Go for a moisturising cleanser with ingredients like coconut oil, or almond oil to help retain moisture. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel moisturiser has a lovely light texture, is scent free and keeps skin hydrated all day. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid, which gives extra hydration. Check online prices, as I’ve seen it coming in as low as €7.75 – it’s normally €15.50.
Eucerin UreaRepair face cream is great for tight, dry skin. It can even be used on elbows and knees, in fact anywhere the skin is rough. Try your local chemist or online for €9.15
Use a face mask weekly. Look for masks that contain antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and hydrating and brightening ingredients.
Add a serum to your routine for extra hydration. Serums contain a high concentration of ingredients that brighten skin and boost hydration. They absorb quickly into your skin, and can be used am and pm. There are so many good ones, and you don’t need to spend a fortune either.
Pestle and Mortar’s serum (€43) suits even the most sensitive skin, dealing with dullness while restoring skin to a vibrant, healthy glow. It’s also fragrance free an absorbs into skin almost instantly.
For a quick glowy face try the IsaDora Face Sculptor palette (€17.95). It comes in a compact and contains a bronzer, blusher and highlighter all in one. There’s a diagram on the back to show you how to use it. I must admit I often just swoop the brush all over it to give a nice glow.

Lip lines
These are commonly known as smokers’ lines, though that’s not the case at all. They may be more pronounced in smokers but there a myriad of other factors that contribute, like pursing the lips, weather exposure etc. You can only get rid of them with surgical intervention or microdermabrasion.
For a much simpler tactic, disguising them with a blur primer. I love L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur cream, which is like a primer and tinted moisturiser combined. I pat it into the lip lines and it absolutely, definitely softens them. It has a wonderful velvety feeling. It’s also very well priced at around €13. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Facial hair
Ah, the old moustache problem. Funnily enough you really don’t notice it on anyone else, unless the hair is very dark. For most women, it’s actually more of a peachy fuzz. I admit it can be annoying though, especially when make up or powder seems to emphasise it. It’s quite safe to shave, believe me on this, I was that soldier! Otherwise just get something like veet in the chemist to swiftly remove it. You will also see an odd sprouting chin hair, if you can grab it just pluck it out.
In a weird confluence of events, we begin to notice all the hairs, saggy skin and wrinkles just when we begin to use the magnified mirror!

Have you noticed your eyebrows getting very scarce? Or worse still, is there a coarse white one sticking out? Try plucking it out! There are lots of beauty parlours offering eyebrow dyeing, it works very well, though can look very unnatural for the first week or so, until it settles. It certainly saves times on filling in the eyebrows daily.
I like a good old fashioned pencil or powder. Choose one that’s a shade lighter than your hair colour, and feather lightly the sparse areas. I’m very happy with my elf (eyes, lips face) ultra-precise brow pencil (€6), which has a super precise tip to give a natural look.

If we’re lucky enough to make it healthily into our 50s, 60s and more, there’s an awful lot to be grateful for. Acceptance is a wonderful gift. A 40 year old will think 60 is ancient, whereas an 80 year old will think 60 is young. My gorgeous 90-odd-year-old friend (who shall remain nameless for reasons of vanity) thinks I’m only a child! It’s all relative.
Enjoy every moment. Buy the perfume and makeup you love, wear what you like and smile more. There is nothing that makes a woman more beautiful than a smile.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at