Lockdown dressing dilemmas


BUSINESS ON TOP Who knows what your Zoom colleagues are wearing from the waist down these days?

Maggie Gibbons

In hindsight, the first lockdown last March was a doddle compared to this one. The weather was divine, we walked, baked and cleaned to beat the band, sure it all felt like an extended holiday. This one though is way different.
I think we’re all just jaded, too many mixed messages, some of us stringently obeying all the rules, while others carry on regardless. Deciding what to wear and cook on a daily basis now seems like a major chore. I tend to be wearing the same old things every day, sticking to my ‘Who’s going to see me?’ mantra.
I have no inclination to buy dressy clothes, all I want is to wear the clothes I have in my wardrobe, before my time runs out! Abject boredom does have me googling fashion sites and boutiques though – old habits die hard. Still, I don’t usually succumb to temptation.
In recent months, I’ve bought to suit my lifestyle, which is walking and the odd bit of grocery shopping. My purchases were two pairs of runners, four hoodies, and two casual pant suits for comfort at home. Oh, and two beanie hats, I had one already, gifted to me by my friend Margo, and love it.
Clothes are such an important part of our lives, they can make us feel wonderful or terrible, and every day we consciously make a decision on what to wear. Surely, in those awful times, we owe it to ourselves to do whatever we can to feel good about ourselves. In fact, dressing up at home could become the new going out. If that means wearing something beautiful for comfort, then do just that.

Comfort, comfort
The new kid on the fashion block since last autumn is cashmere. This is the most luxurious fabric, every one should have a bit in their wardrobe, just for the feeling on their skin! I treated myself to a cashmere scarf and gloves for Christmas, great value in Carolyn Donnelly’s range in Dunnes Stores.
At most of the big fashion shows like Milan, New York and Paris the trends were for flatter shoes, pyjama suits and elasticated waists. Ah, the comfort of an elasticated waist!
In fact, speaking about waists, the newest trend is a concentration on ‘waist up’ dressing. Makes perfect sense for everyone working from home doing Zoom calls. After all, who sees what you’re wearing on the bottom half! There’s also been a proliferation of logos. Like or loathe them, you’d better get used to them, they’ll be on everything.
Did I ever think I’d let my husband trim my hair? Never in a million years, yet that’s exactly what’s been happening in our house. I also decided last year to grow out my blonde lights, and you know what? Best decision of my life! I’m sure lots of you have gone down the same route.
Most of my friends who are now working from home are tiring of the slobbing around, and would like some return to the workplace, if only for a couple of days a week. It seems the pyjama party is well and truly over. The focused ones will say that paying attention to what they wear on home days has a huge effect on their mental attitude.
Hair wraps have become quite the fashion statement, choose whatever width you like, from hairbands to the more substantial turband … yes turband, not turban. I’ve also seen some amazing silk wraps, lightly wired, that just wrap around your head, brilliant, because they won’t move once they’re fixed in place. Google Etsy for some great ones.
Apparently, the sales of lipsticks have plummeted – sure, who sees your mouth behind a mask? Rising sales of skincare rather than has been another trend during this pandemic. With mask wearing it’s all about the eyes and eyebrows, so if you’re in the buying mood, treat yourself to a nice mascara.
So for the time that’s in it, mind yourself and whoever is with you. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at living@mayonews.ie.