Defiantly cheerful, boldly uplifting


IN CHECK Red and black are among the colours defining Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion.

The colour palette for Autumn/Winter

Maggie Gibbons

I think the best change lockdown made for me was the way it changed my attitude to material possessions; the realisation I had everything I needed, rather than ‘wanted’ was truly a Damascus moment.
Lockdown has physically changed the way we dress. Jogging pants, runners and casual gear became our daily wardrobe choice.
I remember looking in the wardrobe one day and thinking I didn’t have enough years left to wear everything in there. There was an obscene amount of clothes. That was a shameful, guilt inducing moment.  
I got over it by taking action. I did a clear out and held on to things I can match up, so that I can create new outfits, so more of a capsule wardrobe, rather than buying loads. I’ve decided to spend a bit more on clothes that last, rather than buying fast fashion.
I’m still hugely interested in colour trends, so when Pantone announced the Colour Trend Report I couldn’t wait to get my greedy paws on it. I found the colours to be uplifting and cheerful, which is what we will all need in the coming months. There are also staple colours, which means they won’t be out of style in a few weeks. This is what you can expect to see in Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion.

This is a real energy colour. It exudes warmth. From orange to brick red and every shade in between, you just need to pick your favourite shade.

Gold and silver
Gold is such a glamorous colour. The catwalks were full of gold dresses and skirts. However, I’d be more inclined to go down the accessory route with it, a nice gold bag, belt or even touches of it on shoes will look fabulous. If silver is more to your liking you’ll be bang on trend with anything you decide on.

Peach is very soft and feminine. It’s not the easiest shade for lighter complexions to wear, as the paler shade can wash them out a bit unless you have a peaches and cream complexion. If it suits you it’s a stunning shade.

No one ever seems to know what Magenta is. We all had magenta pencils in school so I’m completely familiar with the colour. Think of a burgundy/purple hybrid and you’re there. It’s deep and luxurious, and looks amazing on people with dark hair and dark skin.

Classic blue
Blue hues were everywhere at the fashion shows; it seems to be the colour of the year. Baby blue, cobalt (Lady Di) blue, powder blue and cornflower graced the catwalks.
For those who would rather keep things soft, calming powder blue could be a winner.

Vivid brights to olive green were popular choices with the top designers. Not everyone loves green, but there’s a shade in there for everyone. I’m a huge fan. If you’re colouring is warm then you will wear lime green, olive, and yellow greens really well, whereas cool colouring suits the crisp bright greens best like emerald.

Warm brown
This is a great neutral, shades like coffee and toffee featured hugely in coats, trousers and accessories.

Grey is going nowhere for the coming season. The most popular shade appearing was a pale dove shade. This is timeless, and works well with lots of other colours like green, blue and red. If you prefer darker grey , you will love asphalt gray, which is more a slate shade.

Sure don’t we all love it! I just advise as we age to wear a light shade near the neckline as black can be draining, especially in winter when skins have lost their glow. Even a bright necklace will work wonders. I tend to just wear pearls as they bring a bit of light to the face.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at