DIY fashion tricks


Maggie Gibbons

Sometimes getting the look you want means getting a bit more hands on. Here are some secret style shortcuts that I came across recently, and thought I’d share with you!

Sole therapy
Fancy some Louboutin look-alikes? Well real Louboutins always come with those signature shiny, red-lacquered soles. Now you can recreate the look yourself thanks to Rosso Solini. Launched in 2010 by Kildare girl Tara Haughton, these colourful soles have hit the big time, and they are easy to apply – you literally just stick them on. Great for jazzing up an old pair of shoes. Prices range from €5.99 for a starter pack of one pair to €17.95 for multipacks of three. There’s even a wedding sole for that ‘something blue’. To find out more, e-mail or call her on 087 2620785.

Hair magic
Did you ever exit a hairdressers with that baldy feeling after having your hair cut too short? Well voila! – the hair fairy has sprinkled her magic dust in the form of a ‘wash and grow’ shampoo that claims to boost hair length with every wash.
Scientists behind ‘FAST’, an acronym for Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy, say their product can grow hair by as much as two inches in just one month, double the usual rate. Apparently the longer you use the product the better the effect.
The shampoo was formulated in Canada, where results are supposed to be pretty dramatic, especially among chemotherapy patients. Such was its popularity it sold out within a day of its launch. You will find it in Boots after it launches here at the end of January. It will come in at around €30 for shampoo and conditioner.
Wardrobe wonders
So you need to wear a belt, but you don’t want a big, bulky belt buckle pushing through your top and ruining the line. Cue the Isabelt Fabric Belt, a super-flat stretchy belt with a magnetic clasp that you won’t be able to spot it under your T-shirt! They come in a range of colours – black, navy, white or clear.
Or, what about that gorgeous top you have, but it’s just too low cut for your modesty to handle… Maybe you want to make a blouse or dress more appropriate for work, but don’t want to wear a camisole underneath? Well, the Braza Cami Lace is here to help. A beautifully embroidered gossamer-sheer piece of lacy fabric, it simply ties to and sits between any bra straps for an instant camisole look. Move up or down for more or less coverage.
Then there’s those embarrassing shirt-button gapes. Why are the key mid-chest buttons  always seemingly in the wrong place? If you have this problem, try Chick Magnet, which features a pair of supermagnets that can be slipped into hems and pushed together to create a strong and temporary hold. They can also be used in the hems of skirts to weigh them down and prevent those Marilyn Monroe moments where the wind sends your skirts skywards.
All three of these wardrobe helpers can be found at Co Clare-based online company,
These are just a random sample of products that are new and fairly new to the market. If you have found something wonderful, I’d love to hear about it!