Accessories go big


PEARLY QUEENS Cascading necklaces by Chanel at Paris Fashion week. Pic: Ana Maddock

Maggie Gibbons

Everything about accessories this season is gigantic. Minimalism is over and done with so get ready to go big and sparkly.
Pearls abound (did they ever go away?), along with large-scale pendants, chokers, bracelets and even buckles, chains and safety pins. Yep! The punk culture of the ’70s and ’90s has returned with a passion, bringing with it chained ear cuffs, and multi piercings of ears and nose. I’ve even seen chokers with buckles. Not for the faint-hearted.
Necklaces are multi-layered and can be laden down with baubles and loads of bits and bobs, or just plain – once they cascade you’re bang on the trend. Go for mismatched metals of every tone.
Is there anything more feminine than a pearl necklace? To me they are elegance personified. So Grace Kelly. This season prepare for a change in style as they too will be cascading in multiple layers. Even Chanel entered into the frame with playful layered pieces.
If necklaces are not your thing then, pearl rings, chokers and brooches are there for the taking. If you’re a ring lover you will be spoiled for choice, the ones I’ve come across this season are whoppers!
Tassels have migrated from shoes and bags to jewellery, mainly earrings and necklaces, and even dresses. (This is one trend I won’t be buying into.)
Get yourself a bit of faux fur for sheer glamour. Stoles in every colour of the rainbow will be one of the main fashion items. As well as glamming up an outfit they’re warm, and God knows we need that here in Mayo!

What handbag will you be toting this season? It depends on what you want from your bag I suppose. Will it be hands free or across your body? Are you a fan of big or small? I have a few friends who invest in only one bag every year but it will be good one in a solid colour. I, on the other hand buy cheap and cheerfully in every colour of the rainbow. I’m a bit of a bag and shoe slut I suppose! None of us is right or wrong, just different buying patterns.
The saddle bag is the ‘it’ bag this autumn/winter. Every celebrity seems to have one. It’s not a great choice, though, if you like to stuff everything in your bag, as it’s usually a solid leather bag that doesn’t have much space inside. Great if you just carry a purse, lipstick and phone. For something roomier, a bucket bag is a much better option.
Saddle bags were held hugged to the hip, while reptile-skin-patterned cross-body bags with handles were on most catwalks too, along with colour blocking aplenty. There will be a plethora of wrist-held bags, some with chains, more with loops. Fabrics will be as diverse as velvet and embroidery to leather and suede.
The boxy shape is quickly becoming one of the favoured styles. Watch out for furry panels and straps. Leopard and zebra patterns will abound. Plenty of choice – just please yourself and if something takes your fancy go for it! Life is short.

> Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at