Keep your sparkle this Christmas


Maggie Gibbons

It’s officially party time, and whether you decide to eschew the social scene or go to every gig in town it’s nice to glam up every now and then, even if it’s just for Christmas day. But what happens when you want to look bright and sparkly, but you’re worn out from the dance floor or pooped after all the Christmas preps? Never fear – here’s my box of tricks for looking good all through the festive season.

Shimmer and shine
Nothing says Christmas like a bit of glitter, and slapping on some shimmer eye shadow and sparkly nail polish will definitely get you party ready.
To glam up your lips add some bright lipstick and clear lip gloss. Keep your hair shiny and nourished with an intensive conditioning treatment; L’Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Pure is infused with Mint and Rosemary oils and will add an injection of moisture and shine to damaged, coloured hair. €10.50 nationwide.

Staying power
For a flawless foundation then a primer is ‘yer only man’! It creates a smooth surface for foundation and keeps make-up in place all night. If you’re a lover of YSL Touche Eclat then you will worship at the altar of Touche Eclat Blur Primer, which promises to illuminate and brighten your skin. Bit pricey though at €38.

Boost radiance
Rejuvenate your skin after a night of revelry – alcohol dehydrates and can leave skin dry and dull. Use a brightening face mask. A good face mask will do wonders for your skin and Simple ‘Kind to your Skin’ will have your skin looking and feeling fresh after one application.

Heaven scent
Using a body lotion that matches your perfume intensifies the fragrance. Use immediately after shower for lasting effect.

Liven up lips
Go bright, even if you’re not a fan of red lipstick this is the perfect time to release your inner vamp! I was in the UK recently and bought a DuWop lipstick ‘Private Red’ – it works by morphing magically to your particular skin tone and offers the provocative answer to ‘What’s my best shade?’. It costs £19, and is available at Line your lips with a good pencil in a shade close to your lipstick. NYX do a brilliant Slim Lip Pencil at €4.49.
Party peepers
Curl those lashes to instantly open up your eyes and cover with loads of mascara. Fuschia are doing some great Christmas Limited Edition eye shadow palettes, available in Nude or Dramatic – they cost €25 and contain seven shadows. This is a range worth checking out.

Soft landings
When your feet hurt, you wear the pain in your face, so make sure to have the gel pads at hand. They are in every chemist and only cost a few euros. Pamper your feet with a thick moisturiser and sleep in cotton socks for a real treat.

Post party
Smoke, alcohol and lack of sleep cause the tiny blood vessels in the eyes to dilate, giving a  bloodshot, red appearance. There are numerous brightening drops in the chemist, and one of the best is Optrex. Booze makes the eye area puff up and creates under-eye bags. Keep your eye gel in the fridge for optimum benefit. Roll away puffiness with Garnier Miracle eye roll-on, available for around €15 nationwide.
When it comes to dark circles, Max Factor have a fantastic range of Colour Corrector Sticks to deal with every problem. Their Yellow Brightener, available for €14.99 nationwide, neutralises the dark under-eye hue.
Limp greasy locks? I’m never without dry shampoo, it’s a life saver, particularly if you’re invited somewhere and don’t have time to wash your hair. Batiste is my particular favourite.
If your skin feels dry and looks pallid and pasty the morning after, even after you’ve smoothed on moisturiser, look for a multi-tasking product that will help you fake a natural glow. Use a facial oil, like Trilogy or Kiehls, to rehydrate and plump up the skin. If you’ve never used facial oils then now is a good time to start. Your face will love you for it!
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, €33 nationwide, is a timeless beauty classic that instantly brightens a tired complexion. Botanics Radiance Balm is a more-affordable option at just €8, and it does a great job.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at