BEAUTY Pippa’s must haves


Ciara Galvin

WITH so many products out there claiming to be ‘life changing’ it’s no wonder most of us have bedside lockers creaking under the weight of our beauty products.
I popped along to Pippa O’Connor’s ‘Fashion Factory’ at the Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow a couple of weeks ago, and I asked the model and fashion blogger what her ‘desert-island must-haves’ are.
Refuting popular claims by beauty-counter sales assistances, who reckon that you should always use a single brand’s product range on your skin, Pippa believes that you should use whatever works for you. Though Pippa mixes and matches her beauty range, one thing she is adamant about is the importance of investing in your skin.
“Spending that bit more, if you can, on skincare is really important, it does make a difference,” said the stylish mother of one.

Pippa’s desert-island essentials

  • No7 Eye Make-Up Remover (Boots)
  • Elemis Cleansing Balm (Debenhams)
  • Stila Beauty Balm (Brown Thomas)
  • Vita Liberata Tan (Boots)
  • Glam Glow Face Mud (Debenhams)
  • Optrex Dazzling Eye Drops (Boots)

Pippa’s wardrobe staples

  • A good blazer
  • Leather jacket
  • Good-quality fitted jeans
  • A long coat/cape
  • Gold layered necklaces