STYLING Spring clean your handbag

Spring clean your handbag

Spring clean your handbag

Maggie Gibbons

Bag fever is rampant. This holy grail of accessories is, however, greatly abused! A bag only needs to play two roles, look good and be functional. It should be elegant while also allowing easy access to frequently used items, car keys, purse, phone, pen, diary and lipstick.
Why then when my mobile rings can I never reach it in time, why I even bother searching for it is a mystery as it has invariably stopped ringing by the time I eventually find it amid all the rubbish. My car keys play hide and seek with me all the time. I find myself outside supermarkets trying to unload a trolley full of shopping while frantically searching for my car key.
I carry around a load of junk that is totally superfluous to my needs. Sound familiar? What can we do about this all too common dilemma? The answer is simple. De-clutter. A well organised handbag will avoid stress by helping you keep track of your most needed items at all times.

What lurks inside?
What’s in your handbag? Do you have one bag that is your loyal and trusted friend or are you one fickle fashionista with bags of every shape, size and colour to match all your outfits? I fall into the latter category so am constantly changing bags.
I was shocked the other day to discover the load of junk I’d accumulated since my previous change. This is what lurked inside: A purse stuffed to the gills with useless cards, bank cards, loyalty cards from every supermarket and garage; tons of receipts; broken reading glasses (one lens missing); two diaries (last year and this year); over-stuffed make up bag; bank statements; VHI statement; tissues; lip balm; two pens; two sweet wrappers and a lipstick without a top. I kid you not.

What to do

Figure out what you really need. For most of us these amount to purse, keys, mobile, diary, pen and glasses. Then let the de-clutter begin!
Use the separate compartments for phone and keys and be consistent in keeping them there; it saves a huge amount of time rooting around.
A great tip is to have another standby bag to hold all the stuff you don’t use on a regular basis. Most importantly, do a regular clear-out. You wont know yourself when all the clutter’s gone.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at