FASHION Festive style at your fingertips

Fashion style at your fingertips

Festive style at your fingertips

Maggie Gibbons looks at what styles are hot this Christmas, and how you can get to wear them without spending a fortune

It’s official, Christmas has arrived! Everything you see from now on will have a snowman or reindeer stuck on it. If you’re not a fan of the festive season, then stay indoors from now until it’s over, bah humbug. Even if you choose to ignore the parties, you may still feel compelled to get something new to wear, albeit for one day?
So what’s out there? Whether you intend to challenge the tinsel with glitter or go more understated, the shops are full of glam.
  • If there were a hierarchy of dresses, the LBD would always top the bill. It’s a timeless classic that will always prove a winner in my book, but this Christmas why not opt instead for a LRD (little red dress), bright and cheerful you’ll knock ’em dead!
  • A colourful scarf will enhance any outfit – a great way to reinvigorate an older outfit.
  • Leather and lace abound, and they’re by no means mutually exclusive – dresses, skirts, tops, take your pick.
  • Faux fur. There’s nothing quite like the feel of fur to release the endorphins, and going fake means those endorphins are completely guilt free…
  • Parkas are perfect for that after-dinner walk or simply to feel cosier. A lasting top trend. For that added bit of style get one with a bit of fur.
  • Ankle boots, preferably with some embellishments.
Do it yourself
Customising your existing wardrobe is dead easy if you can handle a needle and thread – you don’t even need a machine. Clothes get faded and tired just like we do, so why not inject a new lease of life into them? You don’t need to spend hundreds of euros on something new. Do it yourself and you can be sure you have a one-off.
Why not change the buttons, either by using buttons from other garments that you no longer wear – or search the charity shops for cheap items you can take the buttons from. Sew beads or sequins onto anything from tops to dresses.
An old-fashioned jacket can become a funky waistcoat by removing the sleeves and adding a belt.
If you go into a craft shop or haberdashery you will find an amazing selection of buttons, rhinestones, flowers, ribbon etc. Replacing old buttons on cardigans and jackets instantly transforms them from drab to delightful. Pearls on jumpers and cardigans are a hot trend right now.
The same goes for shoes – stick on studs or sequins using fabric glue, and you will have a fab new pair at a fraction of the cost. My greatest creative achievement was to stick lace on to an old pair of high heels – they were greatly admired.
I’m also the queen of dye! Once something has faded or even lost it’s original whiteness, it’s into the washing machine with the Dylon Machine Dye and voilà! – a new outfit within hours.
Available in chemists nationwide, washing-machine dye an instant updater! Make sure you read the instructions first.

Maggie Gibbons is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at