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Drowning in a sea of your own rarely worn clothes?
Drowning in a sea of your own rarely worn clothes?

Style a new you

Maggie Gibbons

Summertime and the livin’ is easy… So the song goes – though I personally find winter dressing far easier. It’s great to be able to throw a coat over everything when you’re heading out and not have to worry about what you’re wearing underneath.
Still, you will have to take the coat off sometime, and whatever you’re wearing underneath can make you feel great – or not so great. The thing is that sometimes we end up wearing stuff that we’re not sure about. We’re not sure it suits us. In fact, we’re not sure what suits us, so rather than fret about it, we might just fling on what’s clean and matching. Not exactly a recipe for confidence or feeling great, is it?
I visited a good friend recently, and between you and me, she was stuck between a frock and a hard place. We had a look in her wardrobe, and it was so confusing, we decided she needed wardrobe sat nav!
There was every style and shape, and all the colours of the rainbow. Along the way she had lost her innate sense of who she was and was buying all the wrong stuff. Time for a few guidelines I decided. We had great fun working out her guidelines. They were all based on the following.
  • Find out your body geometry. Where do you carry weight? Have you long legs and short body, short legs and long body, or are you balanced? Once you understand your proportions shopping will be easier.
  • Have you any idea of your ‘clothing personality’? Do you go for classic and play safe or do you love the latest trends?
  • What percentage of your clothes do you never wear and ask yourself why. Too good? Let me tell you ladies the more it cost the more you should be wearing it.
  • Start a ‘look book’ for yourself, cut out pictures from magazines of styles, colours, accessories you like. Don’t worry about whether it’s in fashion or not; fashion is finicky, style is a a totally different matter.
  • If you are complimented hugely on a particular outfit or colour, get someone to take a photo on your phone. Take photographs of new ways to wear clothes too.
Here’s another good tip for when you go shopping: Think what, where, when.
Think about what you can wear the item that’s caught your eye with – and don’t buy unless it will go with at least three things already in your wardrobe (otherwise it will hang there like little orphan Annie).
Where will you be wearing it? If it’s just for a wedding or racing, will you wear it again? If it’s just for a special occasion, perhaps you already have something suitable already and just need to revamp it with an great hat, which you could hire?
When will you be wearing it? How often? Will it span the seasons? Do a ‘cost per wear’ calculation – the more you wear it the better the value.

Maggie Gibbons
is an Image/Style Consultant based in Louisburgh. She can be contacted at