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Vila Fleur Dress, €54.95 J’aime La Vie jewellery – earrings, €10; bracelets, €25 each. All at Carraig Donn, Westport.
CLASSIC CORAL Vila Fleur Dress, €54.95 J’aime La Vie jewellery – earrings, €10; bracelets, €25 each. All at Carraig Donn, Westport.

What’s hot and not this season

Beauty and style
Maggie Gibbons

I’m loving all the glorious colours at the moment. With spring in the air and summer just around the corner I thought we’d look at some of the hottest fashion and colour trends. The brights are back and we can shove the blacks and greys to the back of the wardrobe until winter.


If you love your pinks then you will be smiling. It’s everywhere and you will find it in all shades from sweet pea to cyclamen. It’s girly and fun and you can team it up with denims or maybe khaki. Perhaps even a pink lipstick?

This can be a difficult colour to wear as it’s really for warm skins, you will certainly be seen in it though. If you have a cool skin tone then it’s best to keep it to your bottom half, perhaps a skirt or sandals, maybe even a gorgeous orange bag.

Every time I see my spring daffodils it lightens my heart. Is there a more cheerful colour? You will find every shade of yellow in the shops and boutiques, from butter creams to deep saffrons and ambers.


This is a really flattering shade and I would go so far as to say it’s a universal colour, by this I mean it suits everyone. If you’ve never previously worn it then go and try it on and see how it makes you feel.

Turquoise is one of my all-time favourites and it’s back with us again. Luckily anyone can wear it, just remember if your skin is cool toned then go for the rich blue shade and if you’re warm colouring then opt instead for the greener turquoise. 


Stripes are all over the high street, from horizontal to vertical you will find them in jackets, cardigans and sweaters. Just watch the horizontal though ladies if you are big busted! Vertical/diagonal stripes elongate a silhouette and make the wearer appear slimmer and taller.


Crochet was all over the catwalks this Spring.  If you wouldn’t brave it in a crochet dress why not go for something more subtle like a top or cardigan. Lace is also a fashion ‘must have’ if you want to stay on trend.


The belt purse is big! Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that the ‘bum bag’ would resurrect itself and become the belt purse? This is THE trend of the summer. It’s such a clever idea really. No longer in the yucky nylon/plastic you remember of old. This updated version is HOT. The perfect accessory for your lippy, mascara and money.

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