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A new pair of shoes will do wonders for the mood.
INSTANTLY GRATIFYING A new pair of shoes will do wonders for the mood.

Shoes glorious shoes

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Maggie Gibbons

Why oh why do we continue to buy shoes that hurt our feet? Easy peasy, it’s all in the name of fashion, or vanity, but whatever way you look at it we girls love our shoes. Call me shallow if you like, but I’ve tolerated blisters and corns so that I could wear my high heels.
We were at a family wedding in South Africa a few years ago, and I walked everywhere in heels. My feet practically wept in pain but did I give in and buy the runners? Absolutely, positively NO!
Since we moved to Louisburgh last summer, I’ve become an avid walker, and after much nagging from hubby and friends I finally succumbed and bought the Sketcher Trainer thingies. Prior to this I hadn’t been seen in flats since Adam was a boy.
The first time I wore them I felt like a frump, but I must admit that they have kind of grown on me and now I wouldn’t dare to venture off walking without them. Attractive they are not though!
Can a girl have too many shoes? Nah! No self respecting lady I know would wear something fabulous without appropriate shoes to enhance the look. There are some amazing designs out there at the moment, and the prices suit every pocket.
Whether you want high-end designer or better-value boutique versions they are all bang on trend. Just be aware that if you’re not buying leather your little piggies may well suffer as a result. Buy hey, isn’t it worth it, even if you have to change in the taxi home to something more comfortable. Stilettos are probably the least comfortable of all.
What am I saying? They are damn right uncomfortable, but it never stopped me wearing them – and swearing rings around me that they were like a glove to wear. I’m loving the platforms and wedges too; they are actually very snug…
The wonderful thing about great shoes is that you can wear them irrespective of your shape or size. Some of my pals who might have an extra kilo or ten will always make sure to buy the most gorgeous shoes. Feet don’t put on weight girls!
Next time you’re feeling a bit down or just feel like treating yourself why don’t you go a bit mad and buy a pair of totally impractical shoes, instant mood enhancers! They needn’t cost a fortune either, and they are better than any therapy.

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