Staying In

The founder of of blender manufacturer Blendtec, Tom Dickson, was so convinced they’d made the best blender in the world he decided to test it with some unusual items, starting with a box of matches. He made videos of his attempts and was born.
It is in essence an award-winning viral marketing campaign of staggering popularity - the YouTube version has 95,409,834 views. Yes, I know it’s an old internet meme but it’s worth mentioning, either to remind the initiated or to flag it up to the impoverished few who have yet to view.
The site is organised into two areas - ‘Try this at home’ and the much more exciting ‘Don’t try this at home’. Focusing on the latter, there are pages of bizarre objects placed in a Blendtec blender – cameras, trainers, a garden rake and even Germany.
The middle-aged and slightly wooden Mr Dickson, dressed in lab coat and safety specs, introduces the object, usually with a poor attempt at humour. Asking the question ‘Will it blend?’, he places the object in the machine. Simple. Does exactly what it says in the URL.
Personal favourites are the iPhone (strangely), glowsticks and the Air Soft Gun.
It’s brilliant. If you’ve never seen it, watch it. Now.