TECHNOLOGY Review of Twitter

Staying In
A site in my sights

What is it?
The Twitter turns the unending stream of Tweets from the people you follow on Twitter into a personalised real-time virtual newspaper. It displays news and blog posts, with the most recent and most Tweeted items at the top. It doesn’t restrict itself to your friends and also presents items that friends of your friends have posted.

What’s it like to use?
It’s a dream – just sign-in with your Twitter account, wait for your newspaper to be processed and you’re away. Once you have an active newspaper the updating process is instant. has lots of uses. I find it particularly good for finding nuggets I’ve missed in the hundreds of Tweets that pass me by every day. I don’t have time to check every link – does this for me, putting the most popular posts at the top. It regularly finds interesting posts I’ve missed. It’s also a fantastic way to get up-to-speed  quickly on what you’ve missed after a few days away from the online world.

Is it any good?
Yes. It does what it sets out to do perfectly. It’s simple to use and fast to load. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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