Belmullet singer in tonight’s Glór Tíre semi-final

Staying In

STAGE PRESENCE Seán Fahy performs for Glór Tire, in which each contestant performs with the cream of Irish Country music including Mike Denver, John McNicholl, David James and Louise Morrissey.

Schoolteacher Seán Fahy is setting the show alight 

FLYING THE flag for Mayo in Season 19 of TG4’s Glór Tíre is Belmullet singer and schoolteacher Seán Fahy.
Seán is one of eight contestants taking part in the influential country- and Irish-music series. He will sing on the show tonight (Tuesday) and again on Valentine’s night as part of the semi-finals of the series, all in a bid to reach the grand final on February 21.
Seán’s passion for country music started fairly early in life. “I started singing in secondary school,” he says, giving credit to both his secondary-school teachers and Midwest Radio for igniting that passion for the genre.
“Midwest Radio would always have been on in the house and in the car,” he says. “I would be listening to the likes of Mick Flavin, Philomena Begley, John Hogan and more recently, Nathan Carter and Derek Ryan. They would be very influential to me.”
With Seán now being a full-time teacher, he gigs ‘every weekend, and summertime’.
“I’ve been trying to get my name out as much as possible,” he says. “I do as much as I can – recording singles, playing gigs and guest spots, wherever they will take me.”
Seán’s love of country music is not just restricted to country and Irish. He is also passionate about American country. “Garth Brooks, Luke Holmes and Chris Stapleton have played a big part in shaping the sound I have today,” he says.
Donegal’s David James, who came to prominence with his duet with Daniel O’Donnell, ‘Don’t Take The Good Times For Granted’, will be Seán’s mentor throughout Glór Tíre. “To be asked on by David James is an absolute honour,” says Seán. “He gives great advice and is very helpful.”
Seán is acutely aware that being on Glór Tíre represents a huge opportunity to gain wider exposure. Indeed it has emerged as the chief way for emerging artists to introduce themselves to the nation’s Irish country-music audience.
“Glór Tíre is a fantastic platform,” he says, “as there is very little in the way of shows that promote country music in Ireland on television – but with Glór Tíre, and the Late Late Show Country Special, country music is breaking through again.
“You can see country music’s popularity among the younger generation especially. After the show I’m hoping to gain more experience, more exposure, and reach a wider audience.”

Glór Tíre airs on TG4 on Tuesdays at 9.30pm.