A tribute to Tom Mulloy to air this week

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LEGENDSThe late Tom Mulloy (right) and his brother Pat performing on stage. Pat will be among the contributors to the tribute show to Tom to air on Sky Channel 192 this Thursday evening.

Edwin McGreal

A tribute to legendary Mulranny troubadour Tom Mulloy will air on television this week.
Henry McGlade’s iMayo TV Show will feature the tribute on their regular show.
It will air on Sky channel 192 and Freesat 161 this Thursday at 7pm with repeats on Saturday at 8pm and next Tuesday, June 18 at 12.30pm.
Tom Mulloy was considered the driving force of the famous Mulloy Brothers ballad group. The four brothers set up in 1965 and become renowned around the west of Ireland and played frequently overseas as well.
Tom died last September and was predeceased by his brothers Michael and Martin. The only surviving brother, Pat, and Tom’s son Enda are both interviewed for the tribute show.
Also featured is renowned performer Séamus Moore and Mayo publicans John Nevin, Joe O’Malley and Joe Mellett who talk about the Mulloys performing in their pubs over the years.
Presenter Henry McGlade, as a veteran of the local music scene himself, knew Tom Mulloy very well.
“The Mulloy Brothers are the longest surviving ballad group of the west of Ireland. Pat is still performing with Tom’s nephew and Tom’s grandson. They were always in demand both here and abroad. They were as well-known in London and Birmingham as they were over here. Along with being great musicians, they were great personalities as well and Tom was the driving force. They were so well-known everywhere they went,” Henry told The Mayo News.
“I would have rang them a lot over the years to ask them to perform at various charity functions and I cannot remember them ever saying no. They had hearts of gold. They would often call into a nursing home close where they were playing and play for an hour and raise the roof. That was them. They were fantastic,” added Henry.
Tom was widely known as a character. At a function to honour the 50th anniversary of the Mulloy Brothers in 2015 in Mulranny Park Hotel, the story was told of Tom being invited by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny to perform at the White House around St Patrick’s Day.
Tom declined and he told those present what he said.
“I’d love to go Taoiseach but I can’t. I’ve a gig in the hotel in Mulranny that night and I can’t let them down!”

Elusive footage
Footage of the four brothers performing proved elusive.
“All we could get of the four of them was them performing with a pipe band during a parade in Mulranny,” admitted Henry. However, photos and interviews help to give a very fulsome picture of Tom Mulloy and the Mulloy Brothers.
One of the highlights of the show is the collaborative performing of The Coastline of Mayo, the Mulloy Brothers’ signature tune, by Biblecode Sundays and guests. That’s the London-based group Tom Mulloy’s son Enda is part of.
Of course Tom Mulloy was more than just a musician. Henry McGlade’s show also covers his other passions – golf and soccer. Tom was a regular golfer in Mulranny Golf Club and was a founding member of Mulranny United, along with being an all-weather follower of the Irish international team.
He was inducted into the Mayo League Hall of Fame in 2017 and his memorable acceptance speech from that night features on the show.
“I’m delighted with how the show comes together. A lot of work went into it but I felt it was important, Tom Mulloy deserved this tribute,” said Henry.