Zaska set to release debut album

Staying In

NEW TUNES Max Zaska heads up funky supergroup Zaska. Pic: Dara Munnis.

Ciara Moynihan

Max Zaska’s much-anticipated debut album ‘It Takes A Village’, which he made with his soul-funk collective, the eponymous Zaska, will be released on Friday, February 1.
Max is the musical maestro and songwriting-guitarist who sits at the helm of the supergroup – a revolving line-up of Ireland’s finest talent that has included Hozier. Their new album features more than 25 artists from the very best of Irish new music – including Wyvern Lingo, Loah, BARQ and members of Little Green Cars, Gypsies on the Autobahn, Super Silly, Come On Live Long, Booka Brass Band – and a host of in-demand session players.
Speaking to The Mayo News ahead of the album’s release, Max explained the personal theme that runs through its tracks: “It’s a concept album about community that parallels the birth of my first child with the birth of this album and the people that I needed to make both happen.”
Of Irish-Bavarian descent, Max grew up in Bray, Co Wicklow, and in Westport and Louisburgh (both Westport and Old Head beach feature to great effect in the official video for an earlier Zaska tune, ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ – a video shot by Westport woman Orla Casey, and featuring Hozier on vocals). He is also married to a Westport woman, Charlotte Knee-Zaska.