An insight into life in the force

Staying In

Ciara Moynihan

Local author, retired Det Sergeant Cyril Meehan had just released his second book, ‘In Dark Blue – Experiences of an Irish Policeman’. The tome has already been warmly received, with The Sunday World praising it as ‘insightful’ and the Irish Mail on Sunday recommending it as a ‘fascinating’ read.
‘In Dark Blue’ marks a departure from Meehan’s popular first book, ‘The Ideal Guard’, which focused on the humorous, light-hearted side of policing. With this latest book, Meehan gives what has been described as ‘a brutally factual and eye-opening account of dealing with issues such as, suicides, fatal car collisions, lifesaving and life-threatening situations, drunks, car chases, informants, and the frustrations of border policing in the struggles with the IRA’.
Meehan is well placed to give such an account – not only did he serve himself for three decades, his father, Seán Meehan, was also a sergeant, serving for over 30 years in Westport. Indeed, in the first chapter of the book, Meehan outlines his experiences and upbringing in Westport, and the influences of being a son of a guard, covering some incidences he witnessed or heard about relating to his father’s career.
The author is not shy of covering his own past successes and failings, and at times, those of Garda management. Past training regimes and An Garda Síochána’s internal culture is  examined, as is the topical issue of workplace bullying within the force and how it can damage an officer and the organisation when not dealt with properly.

‘In Dark Blue’ is available in bookshops nationwide or direct from