Foxford’s fab four on the rise

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READY TO ROCK The Kerbs released their debut single last weekend.

Cory Kilbane

On the back of releasing their debut single ‘Changes’ last weekend, Mayo band The Kerbs look set to take the local music scene by storm.
The newly formed alternative rock band launched their first single in their local town on Saturday night at a gig in ‘Cruisers’ of Foxford.  
The band consists of four childhood friends who were born and raised in the town of Foxford.
The four lads, who have all been members of bands in the past, first got together in the spring of 2017 when vocalist and guitarist Mark McHale moved back home from Australia.
Since then the band hasn’t looked back. They have continued to write music and made forward strides in a successful attempt to help their reputation grow.
Their line up includes Mark McHale (vocalist and guitarist), Alex Stuper (lead guitar), Noel Gallagher (bass guitar) and Kevin Holmes (drums).
Their first single ‘Changes’ is a heartfelt song which was originally written by Mark McHale, but the song was given a new flavour when the band came together at the beginning of spring.
The single itself provides an insight into what type of music the band are focused around and it gives fans a glimpse of what to expect from their debut EP which is due to be released shortly.
Aside from their musical skills, the lads have also put their creative instincts to good use in the making of the distinctive video which goes along with their single ‘Changes’.
The single is available to fans across various digital stores, and big crowds gathered at its launch gig last weekend.  
The Kerbs recorded the single ‘Changes’ and their other songs for their debut EP in Attica Audio Recording Studio, Letterkenny. The songs were also engineered by owner of the studio Tommy McLaughlin.

For further information about the band visit their Facebook or Instagram pages at thekerbsofficial.