Sonia Kelly on health and home

Staying In

Ciara Moynihan

Founder of Westport’s Cloona Health Centre, former Mayo News columnist and local luminary Sonia Kelly has published two new works, one a ‘lightly edited’ version of an earlier work, ‘A System  of Personal Evolution’, the other a new book of verse about Westport.
 ‘A System  of Personal Evolution’ was first published by The Mayo News in 1978. When it was first written, Sonia was practising the health programme it sets out with her health-centre guests daily. The programme focuses on ‘Breathing, Eating, Exercising and Thinking’, and is based on the idea that none of these factors can be neglected if health is to be achieved.   
The system is intended as a philosophy and guideline for life, and this latest republication contains a small addition at the end of the book: a philosophical addendum that outlines Sonia’s insightful thoughts on the seven different components, or ‘entities’, of the human personality.
The collection of verse, ‘Book of Westport’, contains short haiku-inspired poems encapsulating the author’s thoughts on a host of buildings and landmarks around the town.
Sonia’s interest in haiku-style verse first bore expression in poems about people. Some of the subjects – including Michael D Higgins – were lucky enough to be sent the verses they inspired. Indeed, our President was so enamoured with his that he personally wrote back to Sonia, indicating that his had arrived at a perfect time and provided him with much encouragement.  

‘A System of Personal Evolution’ and ‘Book of Westport’, by Sonia Kelly, are available in Westport at McLoughlin’s Bookshop, Duffy’s Bookshop, Harbour Studios, Liberties at The Quay and Knappagh Stores.