Film trailer to be shot in Westport

Staying In

A team of filmmakers and actors is hoping to shoot a trailer for a film entitled ‘The Switch’ over four days, from February 11 to 15, at various locations around the Westport area.
‘The Switch’ is being promoted as a tale of kidnapping and ‘lives torn apart and of reunion’, a story of survival in the face of extreme mental and physical cruelty. At its core is Katherine, a troubled young woman, suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally known as, Multiple Personality Disorder).
A doctor is attempting to get to the truth of what happened to the young woman through her dreams. However he is running out of time.
She shares her world with the others who in many different ways help her to survive. However, all is not what it seems and as the conflict inside her mind continues, the truth is exposed and a price is paid.
The film is based on a screenplay by Peter John Sinclair, the aim of which is to portray Katherine’s plight, and that of her brother, George. Through their story, which is inspired by actual events and people, the filmmakers’ hope to highlight the trauma of mental and physical abuse at an early age and the effects that it has on the victim; how it manifests itself and how the human mind copes and deals with relentless onslaught.
‘The Switch’ will star Peter John Sinclair as well as US actor Olivia LaCroix and Dublin actor Cristina Ryan. Two local children, students of Westport Drama School, will play small parts in the film.
For the trailer, the team will be joined by Westport resident Brian Durcan (Director of Photography) and his crew.