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MUSIC Niall McCabe Band release new single

Staying In

The Niall McCabe Band. From left: Hugh Dillon, Niall McCabe, David Duffy, Davie Ryan.
?The Niall McCabe Band. From left: Hugh Dillon, Niall McCabe, David Duffy, Davie Ryan.?Pic. John Allen

Niall McCabe Band release new single

The Niall McCabe Band unveiled their new single and accompanying video, ‘Little Love’ at the start of this month. The pop-funk infused track breathes their unique brand of transatlantic soul whilst giving a nod to Motown influences on their sound.
Frontman Niall McCabe, who grew up on Clare Island, cites his upbringing as a strong influence on his songwriting. A little over a year ago, when the band released their first album, ‘Part of the Light’, McCabe explained this influence to The Mayo News:
“The insularity of a small island keeps you looking outwards to the rest of the world. It’s hard to imagine that you are the centre of the world in any way, so any reflection on yourself (which songwriting must surely be) tends to incorporate the wider world and community somehow. So I suppose what I’m getting at is that the insularity of the island has the surprising effect of connecting you more deeply with the world than you would think. In the same way that cities can alienate you from others even with so many living around you.”
While ‘Little Love’ is a love song, McCabe says it is not like traditional love songs, in that “it doesn’t look for ‘the greatest love of all’, ‘everlasting love’. It’s more about finding little things to build on from moment to moment.”
The singer further explains: “The song was written while my family were away for six weeks in Canada and I suppose it’s a subconscious reflection on how little we survive on in those types of long-distance situations.”
The band’s album has received much critical acclaim and was playlisted across national and regional radio. Since its release, the band, who are based in Cork, have performed live on The Saturday Night Show and Radio One, along with a sold out headlining show at The Westport Arts Festival. One of their songs was also used in an TV ad. Hopefully the new release of ‘Little Love’ will see the band continue along their upward trajectory.
The rest of the band comprises of Hugh Dillon on electric guitar, Dave Duffy on bass and Davie Ryan on drums. Musically, the band share a very coherent outlook having played together in various groups over the last five years including jazz quartets and big-band soul outfits.

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