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MUSIC Breda Mayock releases new album

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Breda Mayock

Breda Mayock releases new album

Mayo singer/songwriter Breda Mayock (pictured) has just released a new album, a collection of ten self-penned songs. It features renowned musician Steve Cooney on guitar, ukulele and bass and percussionist Robbie Harris. Co-produced by Cooney and Mayock, it was recorded in Lough Lannagh Village, Castlebar.
Breda Mayock comes from a well-known family of musicians from Ross, just outside Castlebar. She played traditional Irish music from an early age and has been writing music and songs for some years.
Described by Hotpress as ‘a spirited and upliftingly distinct female singer’, her previous recordings include ‘Lights In the Dark’, an album recorded by French producer Hector Zazou in Real World Studios, where she recorded with Peter Gabriel. Her vocals also feature on Hughes De Courson’s ‘O’Stravaganza’ and Breton harpist Alan Stivell’s album ‘1 Douar’.
Simply titled ‘Breda Mayock’, this latest work has been released to acclaim and national air play.
It is available in Downtown Records, Castlebar and Westport, and as a download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. For more information on Breda Mayock, visit