Rolling sun walk and talk

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BIANNUAL SPECTACLE  Viewed from the ancient Boheh Stone, the setting sun appears to roll down Croagh Patrick twice a year.

High on a West Mayo hillside, commanding an expansive view across a broad valley plain to Croagh Patrick, we find St Patrick’s Chair or the Boheh Stone, a profusely decorated natural outcrop of rock.
The Boheh Stone is among the finest pieces of prehistoric art found in Britain or Ireland, it is especially noteworthy for the twice-yearly spectacle it offers as the setting sun appears to roll down the northern flank of the distant mountain.
While there appears to be a connection between the location of the Boheh Stone and the ‘spectacle of the rolling sun’, nobody can be sure what it might be. The only thing to do is to view it yourself and make your own mind up. Guides from the Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail are arranging an event for April 18. Pre-sunset tea and refreshments will be available from 6.30pm at the Brackloon Community Centre, where local archaeologist Leo Morohan will deliver a short talk on what is to follow. An easy-paced guided walk of 2km will take us to the ridge overlooking Croagh Patrick in time for sundown.
Great weather produced perfect viewing conditions last August, when hundreds gathered to enjoy this age-old spectacle. Let’s hope for the same again.
A €5 cover charge will apply to cover refreshments and other costs incurred for this event.