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Whatever makes them happy


The Day Diary
Edwin McGreal

Éamon is now two-years-old and we are keeping a close eye for any sign of the dreaded ‘terrible twos’.
Most parents will know this stage as one where their previously loveable child turns into a crying, screeching demon.
Frankie, thankfully, never hit the terrible twos although she is finding some interesting ways to test us just shy of her fourth birthday.
Éamon is at a lovely stage. He smiles and he laughs so much of the day and is getting to grips with more words and sentences with every passing week.
He can get a bit upset when either myself or Aisling go in the car without him so such events are carefully managed – whoever is staying brings him to the playroom and distracts him while the other sneaks out.
I thought my days of sneaking out of the house passed about 25 years ago.
Frankie was rarely like that, once she had something to entertain her, you could come and go as you pleased. With Éamon it’s a different matter.
But those moments are the exception to the rule. He’s a lovely little lad, loves playing with his sister and his parents and is getting well able to physically deal with his sister, who can take an odd notion to use her physical size to her advantage.
It’s a long road without a turn, we often tell her.
To be fair to Frankie, she loves making her brother laugh, although she’s not always certain how to do it and her efforts can go either way. In her defence, it can be the most random of things that will set him off in hysterics.
The leg of one of her dolls fell out last week (I’m quite convinced it was forcefully pulled out by Frankie but I wouldn’t have the burden of proof for a prosecution). Frankie started trying to put it back and was struggling, so implored ‘come on Mr Leg’.
Éamon could not stop laughing at this action and comment so Frankie did it on repeat for five minutes, Éamon was sore from laughing by the end of it and so was Frankie.
Whatever level of silliness makes them happy, sit back and enjoy it.
We think he might even have developed his first crush. Both Frankie and Éamon love their Minion toys and so were beside themselves when we put on a Minion movie as a treat.
The lead villain is a female baddie called Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock.
Éamon is smitten! So anytime he sees her, he starts jumping up and down, shouting ‘Sca-let’.
Sandra Bullock might just be the best distraction so anytime any of us need to sneak out of the house. That or Mr Leg.

In his fortnightly column, Edwin McGreal charts the ups and downs of the biggest wake-up call of his life: parenthood.

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